Delinkification? WTF?

The comment on tutorial about making nice and useful links led me to a strange idea about how the links should be (not) done. Nicholas Carr explores the idea of delinkification, i.e. not placing links inside of the text, but putting them on the end of it, like the footnotes in the printed text. Links are wonderful conveniences, as we all

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The Art Of Linking

There is a subtle yet important art in making links on the web. I'd like to share a word of two about it. Some people (like web designers. bloggers and other weird creatures) make links daily while the others do it every now and then. But we all do it sometimes. I hear you asking why should that be important

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Let’s Go To Diaspora

There’s a new social network in town! Before you say: Oh no! Not another one! – I must warn you that this one is really and essentially different. I want to draw your attention to Diaspora, a social network that is very promising (it’s not released yet). So, what’s so new, significant and different from all the other social networks?

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