Fuck This Digital Shit

… or how I got back to analog painting.  It was Friday evening… well, night actually, and I was browsing the art of Meso and South American natives. Searching for the inspiration, stealing ideas if you like or maybe just relaxing the contents of my skull by taking a break from one of my depressive episodes. Lines and shapes started playing

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Laughing Out Loud

Laughing Buddha

Few days ago I was standing on a street crossing, waiting for a traffic light. An old joke popped to my mind and wanted to get out through a smile. We’ve all been there. Trying to stop ourselves from smiling or even laughing for no obvious reason in the public place. Sometimes we succeed. This time, I didn’t. It simply

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Blogging Addiction

Hi. My name is dandellion and I’m a blogoholic. Yes, I suffer from blogging addiction. Seriously. Now’s the moment when all of you say in silly cheesy voice: hiiii dandeeelliooooon. When I started, three and a half years ago, I just wanted to give it a try, push my language a bit, get into the routine with writing, have some

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Hello world!

Hello World

Hello world! It’s a bummer when you spend two days installing WordPress and making the theme for it so your brain goes numb and when you have to post something interesting to break the ice, you have no idea what to write about. Nor you have a single memory what this blog was supposed to be about. 

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