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Whose Is The 8th Of March

I'm not much into 8th of March a.k.a. International Women's Day. Not that I don't care about women's rights, quite contrary. I'm just not much into anniversaries. But today deserves a post and a bit of reflection.


Arms In The Democracy

Yesterday, Swiss voters were deciding whether the old laws and regulations about arms will stay or the guns possession will be restricted. In the evening, the results were tight, but they defended their rights. Congratulations!

Lets dig a bit deeper in the story. 


Inevitability Of The Revolution

Recently I was talking with a friend, and she had a point saying that our society is in status quo and that there won't be any revolution to change anything.  

Today, in 21st century, nothing can cause the global revolution. No ozone depletion, no drastic violations of human rights, no WikiLeaks nor Facebook, no [...]

Can InfoWar Be Won?

In the case you haven't noticed, the InfoWar is raging. As it's the first one in the history, there's a lot of things to think about. What's that thing and how it looks like? Who's fighting it? How to fight? What are the strategies and tactics?

But the most interesting question is whether InfoWar can [...]

Drafted Army Is The Backbone Of Democracy

Yeah, I said it. Drafted army, one that is recruited out of non-professionals, is the backbone of democracy. 

Before somebody throw a stone, let's see a story from recent history and discuss a bit, shall we?


WikiLeaks And The Cablegate

In the case you haven't checked the newspapers yet, WikiLeaks has just released a nice set of diplomatic cables that were supposed to be top-secret. Many of them concern the war in Afghanistan and Al-Qaeda stuff, others show what diplomats think about their colleagues behind their back. They also include Saudi king requesting [...]

Who Killed Tyler Clementi

This is a story about a guy who took his own life. About the bullies that caused him to do so. And about the real killer. 

Tyler Clementi's post on his Facebook page, dated September 22 at 8:42 PM read:

Jumping off the gw bridge sorry.