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Will Big Business Legalize Marijuana?

If you have a slightest knowledge of what I usually talk, you probably wouldn’t bet that I am in any way skeptical about legalization of marijuana. But I am.

Not for any of the usual reasons, those used by people that still live in the days of Reefer Madness. No, marijuana is a nice plant [...]

Join The Black March!

Remember when we recently made that huge roar all over the Internet and repelled the SOPA proposition? Sure you do. We won the battle, but we surely haven't won the war. Yet. 

So, it is the time for the next round. And this one's gonna be really fun. Codename: Operation Black March. 


Be A Pirate!

Over and over we hear how piracy is stealing from the artists and how it's damaging the recording and publishing industry and how art and entertainment will disappear if we continue with file-sharing. Bullshit. 

Because no artist will starve because of piracy. Ever!


#SOPA Blackout And Social Myopia

You'd think we filled every ear and every eyeball on the Internet with the SOPA story.

But no. Today Wikipedia went black and you see tons of reactions of how Wikipedia is deleted for good, screams about due projects and homeworks and fuckoffs to Obama and Wikipedia itself. Not to mentions 140 character expressions of [...]

Psycho-killer And A Fashion Brand

You remember the sick bastard Anders Behring Breivik? Yes, the one that killed 69 people on the island of Utoya and further eight in Oslo on the same day. 

Now arrested and on trial, Breivik hits the media again. This time by the choice of the shirts he wears. Yes, that's exactly what I said. And it's [...]

Generalizations Are Fuel Of The Wars

Generalizations, as in "all the _______ are ________", are something that none of us can escape. They are something our brains use everyday as they're not capable of dealing with members of large groups individually. 

But, even as generalizations are necessary tool, they easily turn into deadly weapon. Literally deadly. And you don't even have [...]

A Cop In A Marijuana Field

This is a story about a cop in a marijuana field. A true story. As seen on TV. It is about drugs, money, public property, ecology, illegal immigration and what not. More than anything it's about good people doing the wrong job. All of these forming a complex set of problems. With a simple solution.