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Why Are People Buying iPads?

I really don't understand why and how can someone give $500 for an iPad. OK, it looks fancy. Apple finally started investing into designers. And it's a great idea, that tablet that is all touch sensitive screen, capable of doing many things. 

But there all the nice stops. The rest of the truth is: iPad [...]

Let’s Go To Diaspora

Before you say: Oh no! Not another one! – I must warn you that this one is really and essentially different. Yes, I want to draw your attention to Diaspora, a social network that is very promising (it's not released yet). So, what's so new, significant and different from all the other social networks?


How Social Networks Will Shape The Civilization

Maybe you think that privacy issues with social networks today are as bad as it gets and that there is not much one can do about it. But, truth is that you have seen nothing yet. This is just the beginning.


Privacy In The World Of Social Networks

I guess that you couldn't miss the recent story about FaceBook's new update. One that connects your data posted on their social network with the other sites all over the web. One that caused automatic change of privacy settings for all members. If you had any doubts, that wasn't a bug in the system, that was [...]

What Makes Me Stay On FaceBook? For now…

We all know that FaceBook is an evil thing, right? Maybe I should give some argumentation for this statement, but that will make either a long list of ethical and technical issues or an even longer list of swearing and nasty words. And there's been a hell lot of those since the early days of [...]