The Missing Link

Behind every successful and happy artist stands something that audience is not acquainted with. No, not the inspiration, genius, talent… not even the years of hard work and practicing, though all of those certainly count. The missing link is something even more mundane. Tyler Weaver was kind to offer us this great guest post and reveal us an important secret.

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Stealing Ideas

Ever so often I hear some of my artist friends coming with a new interesting idea. Which is, of course, great. But sometimes, they get stuck and even if they work out the idea, they get stuck in publishing it, showing it around, making it available for the audience. If you've ever did something serious in the realm of arts,

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Do It Daily

While this post is a part of Peevish Penman’s blog fest about writing, it actually applies to any kind of creative work. I’ll talk about writing, but it goes the same for painting, making music, origami folding, whatever. Actually, it’s a simple truth that works for any area of human activity, not only for artsy stuff. So feel free to

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