My name is dandellion Kimban. Well, one of the names, one used on the Internet. Hence the lowercase 'd'. 

I'm living out my karma in Belgrade, Serbia, Europe, Earth… for more than three decades.

Spending lot of time behind the keyboard, doing lot of different things. 

In the case you haven't noticed yet, this blog is about many things. It's not the usual niche thing trying to focus on one subject, one audience and revenue. It's about exchanging ideas and conversation. Subjects revolve around politics and society we live in, religion, spirituality, arts, creativity, cyberspace, evolution and the life itself. 

As a non-native English speaker I miss 'the' here and there and occasionally mess the tenses. Sorry about that. Hopefully, you'll survive. Also, I'd rather offend you by an occasional F-word than by inappropriately decent language. It's a matter of expression. 

Now, go to the front page and grab some nice read. Then leave a comment or two so we can start talking. 

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