Be A Pirate!

Over and over we hear how piracy is stealing from the artists and how it's damaging the recording and publishing industry and how art and entertainment will disappear if we continue with file-sharing. Bullshit. 

Because no artist will starve because of piracy. Ever!

Don't take my word for it. Let's see what artists say. 

Couple of days ago, Paulo Coelho invited us to pirate everything he ever wrote:

Pirates of the world, unite and pirate everything I’ve ever written!

The more often we hear a song on the radio, the keener we are to buy the CD. It’s the same with literature.

The more people ‘pirate’ a book, the better. If they like the beginning, they’ll buy the whole book the next day, because there’s nothing more tiring than reading long screeds of text on a computer screen.

Let's not take just Coelho's word either. 

In december, Louis C. K., a stand-up comedian, put $220.000 of his own money in the production of a show Live at the Beacon Theater, made a web site and let the people download or stream the stuff for $5:

No DRM, no regional restrictions, no crap. You can download this file, play it as much as you like, burn it to a DVD, whatever.

Not to mention no producers influences on content and production of the show. 

And five dollars is significantly less than $20 that a regular region-protected video with all the annoying FBI shit-warnings would cost if distributed the usual way. 

Jolly Roger puzzle

image from Ella Larose

Twelve hours after the website went live, it earned $250.000, thus returning the whole investment. 

Twelve days later, it earned its first million. Yes, million dollars that Louis C. K. broke into four pieces, giving one of them (the largest one) to charity. Which means not only that he covered costs of productions, the crew, himself and his kids schooling, he actually made a significant surplus. 

See? It's actually profitable to give stuff for free. Why? Because people will pay a fair price for a good product. By paying for something that you already got for free you are investing in the future works of the author you like. It's simple as that.

It's not the artists that are hurt by piracy. 

So where is the problem with piracy and who is afraid of it?

 image taken from Music 3.0

See the big purple slice? To whom it goes? Corporations, "the industry", label, executives of whatever, bankers and investors, people with suits and neckties, bunch of bastards that never did anything for that piece of art you enjoy. People who placed themselves as the middlemen and take their undeserved cut. People who now want to put you in jail and who want to turn the Internet into a giant censorship machine because they can't make anything useful or beautiful in their lives. Parasites.

Well, fuck them. 

Piracy is not about getting stuff for free.

It is taking from the greedy parasites. Let's not feed them. Let's give them a chance to earn their living by actually providing something valuable.

Make them walk the plank! Arrrrrrr!

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  • You're dead right, man.  Really makes me sad how many people have been deluded into thinking that free distribution of information and art is a bad thing.  Absurdity! 

  • dandellion Kimban

    Well, the industry is spending a pile of money to encourage that delusion. With the other pile of money they spend to prosecute people they could get the better business model running and everybody would be happy. 

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