It May Sound Strange, But Parents Do Have Sex

In the previous episode of Modern Family kids got in the bedroom and caught Claire and Phil having sex. And all the awkward situations arise for the next half an hour. So much for the spoilers. And so much about the show, you can follow the text without knowing it.

While I had my share of laugh, I still had to ask myself what's the big deal of catching your parents in the action?

Genetic Analysiscomic by xkcd

There is a scientific probability that your parents had sex at least once. And what happened once, can happen again. Especially if we talk about sex in a lasting loving relationship. And also, sex is quite a natural and normal thing. So what's the big deal?

Hand in hand with this goes the other "trauma" of seeing one or both parents naked out of sexual context. They do have bodies and skin and all the stuff we usually cover with clothes. They are not Barbies and Kens. That should be another no big deal. Personally, I always found myself kind of entitled to see what I was made of and by what. 

But they obviously are big deals. Comedies like Modern Family are based on the real life and they work because they resonate with situations and problems that many people feel about. So, it's time for me to stop playing all naive and neglect the existence of the big taboos of sex and nudity. And these taboos get multiplied when the involved parties are own parents.

Sure, nobody wants to be interrupted in the moment of intimacy. There are many reasons for that, from simple "go away, we're having fun here" to the feeling of vulnerability of any animal in those moments. But that's not the reason to act weird. It's not the reason not to explain that you're sharing an intimate moment and ask to be left to continue. And the next afternoon you'll have a perfect opportunity to start the talk you should do sooner or later. Sooner is better anyway. 

Of course, story about sharing the moment of love and intimacy won't go easily if you were really naughty and there were masks, handcuffs and whips around. But in that case you should double your effort in explaining the loving and caring thing as well as basics on the subject of mutual consent. Dammit, if you have all those chains and locks you could put one on the door. 

Thing is, kids learn from their parents. They don't just learn how to do stuff but also what to think and feel. Kids in the show are all grossed out and disgusted by what they saw, but they wouldn't, if the sex was considered important and delicate but normal and regular part of our lives. Parents included. 

modern familystill image from Modern Family

If your kids catch you and you act weird, consequence will be their distorted and disturbed perception of sex. In the next generation they'll act even more weird when your grand-offspring catch them. Now you know why there's so much feelings of guilt and all those dirty (really dirty) thoughts around.

Can we stop the transfer of madness through generations? Please!

In the meanwhile, share your feelings and experiences. Yes, I wanna know. 


  • When I was a kid, one night I entered my parents' room and I caught them doing it. Luckily, it was dark, so I didn't see anything in particular, but that didn't stop me from bringing the entire situation up in a conversation during the lunch the next day, in a mocking manner, with grandparents present. :)

  • It is ewwww

  • Right let’s face it – our (horrible , weird , uncool ancient) parents have had sex ! And I’m deffo not sayin that they should stop because sex is a good thing all I’m saying is that erm how can I put it ? …… They shouldn’t be so noisy wen they are shagging cos quite frankly we don’t wanna know or here about it . So listen up parents of the world fel free to have sex and I’ll be generous and say even wnjoy it if ya want to but PLEASE I beg of you don’t mention it infront of your kids wait til ur kids are out to have it , destroy all evidence and mom please hide ur sex toys and
    condoms in a more inventive place than ur underwear drawer ! And as for porn DONT GO THERE ! Loves ya all emma xox

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