Whose Is The 8th Of March

I'm not much into 8th of March a.k.a. International Women's Day. Not that I don't care about women's rights, quite contrary. I'm just not much into anniversaries. But today deserves a post and a bit of reflection.

When I was a primary school kid, each 8th of March made a boy or two to declare March 9th a men's day. It was a simple childish reaction to a disturbance in balance. All of a sudden, one half of the humanity was emphasized. Simple physic demanded things to swing the other way to get everything back to normal. The same logic caused that we now celebrate the 8th of March. Just on much bigger scale. Centuries of patriarchy and disbalance of nature and society caused the need to have a day that will remind us of how great women are.

While we are at the subject, there are couple of historical facts about IWD to be straightened out:

  • Clara Zetkin didn't proposed IWD on 1911 but on 1910. 
  • First celebration took place on March 19th 1911.
  • March 8th was proclaimed as Woman's Day in Soviet Union after the October revolution.
  • Story about 1857 women's protest in New York and a commemoration 50 years later are probably legends that were supposed to detach 8th of March from Soviets and communism.

march 8th Soviet Poster image from plakaty.ru

Something interesting happened today. As I was browsing my Facebook wall, there was a whole lot of posts, from both women and men, congratulating Women's Day to both genders. Not a practice I noticed before but it is right to the point. Celebrating women is not  just women's thing. End of the men's domination is not just women's benefit.

I'm not crazy enough to think that my Facebook crew is representation of world's opinion. Not only that the majority of men is not recognizing Women's Day as their own, some are still trying to keep the dark ages last. But seeing the move in the right direction is always a good thing. Even if the end is not reached. Yet.

Happy Women's day, to all of you both women and men.

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  • Hey Dandellion, thanks for popping by my blog recently. I haven't touched it for so long, I thought the blog was like a ghost town. So it was a pleasant surprise to hear from you. I will definitely check out the magnesium and iron thing. And about your post above – though my response is a bit belated – my Russian and European friends get flowers and presents on this day.

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