When Dream Job Is Being A Pornstar

Frankie had a well-payed, respected job, husband and a daughter. You know, all that a decent life of a 38-years-old woman is supposed to be. But, against the best judgement of everybody but herself, Frankie wasn't feeling that corporate management is the right choice for her life. So she did what so many are scared to even think of: she choose to change the career. 

She choose to follow her heart. Which in this case was a bit trickier than usual. Her heart was in pornography. 

Pornography is a tough business. It is risky on so many levels and requires a lot of hard work. It's a tough job even for people in their early twenties when everything is easy.

And Frankie is 38, which is anything but entry age for adult entertainment industry. She has a family. Husbands and kids rarely answer to mom's porn ambitions with "oh sure, have fun with your new job". Though Frankie's husband actually supported her, things could easily turn the other way. Losing friends was a possibility as well. Above all that, she had to leave the security of what is considered a great job. 

But great job is not just about a title and salary. It's about doing what you love doing. So Frankie made that huge leap in her life. Her story is one of three in Diary of a Porn Virgin (free stream under the link). 

naked jump photo by Michael Zelbel

You have to respect the woman so strong to make such a life-changing decision. It makes you think what the hell am I doing with my life on this shitty job of mine? Or lack of it in my case. 

In the case you haven't noticed, this post is not about pornography. It's about choosing the life path. Freedom and love. Following the dreams. And courage. Lots of courage. Pornography just makes this case more radical. 

It turned out that hard core movies were not Frankie's cup of tea. She found herself in pin-up photography and now she is running her own website.

Getting out of corporate 9 to 5 world wasn't Frankie's only reward. To start a career she wanted she had not only to break up with the old one and risk friends, family and regular income. She had to face her own fears. 

I really don't regret a single thing that I've done. When I first came to do this, I said I have to bury the demons I had about my image, about my bodily image. For all of these years I've carried that. And… I've done it! I've achieved exactly what I wanted to do. I'm bloody well chuffed about that. Now, I am… actually, I'm OK with how I am.

A happy ending. After a bit of roaming and lot of courage, Frankie does what she feels right for her. And she feels right about herself. Is there much more to ask from life?

And you? What's the career of your dreams? And what are you waiting for?

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  • I have always had two carears in mind.  Music and modelling.  Fetish and glamour modelling.  I actually got a job with FHM and a few other agencies.  My boyfriend stopped me.  He told me that if i did it our relationship would be over.
     Meanwhile I have been recording and doing my music on the side, it hasn't gone where I have wanted it to go.  In fact it's pretty much none existant.  I am now stuck in a dead end part time retail job that I have been in since I was about  19.  I resent my boyfriend and family for stopping me because I would have been doing something that I enjoyed. I am in my mid twenties now and I think about it all the time.   Hearing about Frankie has actually been quite inspirational for me.  I'm glad that she is doing something she enjoys.

  • Music and modeling… could the life be any better? It's nice that those two can be combined and actually support each other, though both take a hell lot of time. 
    I'm sorry to hear that you get obstructed following your dreams. So often we hear that our close ones, ones that should support us and help us, are actually working against us because they are either scared or, more often than not, motivated by their own selfish interests. 
    For what it's worth, you are young… still. So, you might want to try to get your way. After all it's your life and you have exactly one. I know it's not the easiest thing to do (it never is) but it's the only thing worth fighting for. 

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