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How BitCoin Works

In the previous post I made an introduction to BitCoin, a new digital currency, independent from governments, banks and corporations – maintained by its users. The post was mainly about the good aspects of such an experiment. 

Now it is time to see how BitCoin actually works and what can be done with it.


BitCoin – Digital Money For What It’s Worth

I was aware of the BitCoin, the digital money, for a while now. But that was it. I read the wikis and browsed the web but, for the life of me, couldn't get a grip on the concept. Sure, independent digital currency that works over P2P network sounded great, but that was all I could [...]

Psycho-killer And A Fashion Brand

You remember the sick bastard Anders Behring Breivik? Yes, the one that killed 69 people on the island of Utoya and further eight in Oslo on the same day. 

Now arrested and on trial, Breivik hits the media again. This time by the choice of the shirts he wears. Yes, that's exactly what I said. And it's [...]

The Art Of Managing Google+ Circles

Google finally answered my prayers for a good and usable social network. Google Plus (Google+ or G+ for short) is not a whole week old but it makes a lot of buzz (no pun intended). If you are one of those that managed to get in, make some contacts and play around you know why. [...]

Is Modern Art Intentionally Obscure

While browsing this morning I stumbled on an interesting take on the obscurity of modern art as some kind of conspiracy theory of the art elite. Yeah, it does sound exaggerated and I beg to disagree with it. But it's a nice starting point for a discussion I'd like you to join as well. Is [...]

Fuck This Digital Shit

… or how I got back to analog painting. 

It was Friday evening… well, night actually, and I was browsing the art of Meso and South American natives. Searching for the inspiration, stealing ideas if you like or maybe just relaxing the contents of my skull by taking a break from one of my depressive episodes.


Writing About Magic

Today's thought provoking twit comes from Nicholas J. Ambrose:

You don’t always have to write what you know. After all, who knows about aliens, or magic?

Which is a good advice. I often suffer of need to be exact in every minute detail. Still, I beg to disagree in this particular case.