You Should Meet A Shrink Twice A Year

You go to the dentist twice a year, right? That way, you have your teeth checked and if something's wrong dentist repairs it before it's too late. Otherwise, things might get messy and painful. What could be a quick check-up turns into a series of torture sessions. 

There is no reason to treat your mind differently.

Before you say that you don't need it, that you are sane and well and quite "normal"… you are not. Nobody is. But that is not important. Whether you are OK or not, you should do a routine health check-up ever now and then. Like elaborately answering the question What's up? to a friend.

Except that the person in this case is not a friend but a trained professional. So you can be completely open, in an other way than you are with friends. And that she knows much more about how mind works and where it can stuck than your friends. 

You don't have to have a diagnose in Latin abbreviated to three or four letters to qualify for a chit-chat with a shrink. You do have dilemmas, doubts, fears, a certain amount of stress… you know… daily life problems. Maybe you are insecure about something, maybe you are procrastinating your studies. Well, why don't you get an advice from somebody who spent some years studying how to help people with those things, instead molesting your friends and family with problems they, albeit their best wishes, can't help you with? Or even worse, maybe you keep all that for yourself, letting the small problem grow to become really damaging. 

Psycho-therapyphoto by Vern Hart

Things we are prone to neglect, like a repeating dream or a thought that obsessively comes back, can be a sign of something happening under the surface, something that drains your energy and possibly ruins your good mood. In a while, it will develop into serious problem. On the other hand, you might have something that worries you and that is really a regular thing in life. Or better, it would be if you knew that it is normal. But you make it stressful. In both cases, a bit of chatting with a shrink would save a lot of trouble.

There are two problems with this therapist thing. One is, it seems to be hard to find a good one. Unlike dentists, your therapist needs not only to know it's job but also to be "compatible" to you. Yeah, it's not the best word. But you want somebody you can talk to openly and that requires a bit more than professional knowledge. 

Other is that therapy might become addictive. If you have ever had a session after which you felt like you unloaded three tons of something and you feel light like the air and just want to sleep like a baby, you know what I mean. And most first sessions are like that. And if you ever had a friend that mentions her therapist once in every fifteen minutes and with any decision she makes, you know how nasty things can go. Problem is that the therapist is hardly aware of this. 

But despite possible bumps on the road, you should do a regular check up of your health. Both physical and mental. 

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  • Hmm.. something worth thinking about, no doubt.
    By the way. That pic gives me the creeps. ;-)

  • This would be good advice for regular health check, as it will impact many of our laziness.

  • That's exactly what it is, a recommendation for a regular health check. I thought it won't make much controversy, but you should see the plurk page about this post. In just a couple of hours it got more than 100 replies (OK, replies there are tweet-sized, but still) and became a heated debate. 
    The other motive behind this post is that I wanted to point out the similarity of physical and mental health. They both need to be cared about and checked here and there.

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