Laughing Out Loud

Few days ago I was standing on a street crossing, waiting for a traffic light. An old joke popped to my mind and wanted to get out through a smile. We’ve all been there. Trying to stop ourselves from smiling or even laughing for no obvious reason in the public place. Sometimes we succeed.

This time, I didn’t. It simply burst out before I managed to regain my coolness back.

There was a guy nearby, standing on the same traffic light, middle age, all serious and normal. You should’ve seen the expression on his face. Like I’m a lunatic. Seeing his face made another wave of laugh that wanted to get out, but since that moment I got a bit of control over my face back so it turned out into one of those heavily-trying-not-to-explode expressions. I got aware of that so another (third!) wave came asking for even more effort from my side. I could easily die on the street if the light didn’t turned green.

I stepped on the zebra and went my way carrying my lunatic inner battle with me. You can bet that I did it faster than that guy, saving us both from the weird scene.

Laughing Buddha

photo by Jason D Great

But now, I can’t help myself from thinking why I did all that. I mean, why I even tried to stop my first laughing. We all have… OK, many of us have inner train of thoughts that here and there leads to something funny. And when funny comes, we laugh. And even if I was the only person in the world with jokes popping inside the head out of nowhere… Well, shame on you. I’m the one having fun.

After all, who entitled all that stiff and boring people to regulate the public manners?

I guess, it will take a bit of practice to free my spontaneous laughs. But it’s manageable. With a bit more practice, I’ll free my urge to dance on the street as well.

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  • "With a bit more practice, I'll free my urge to dance on the street as well. "
    Thumbs up :)

  • I think you're a lunatic for feeling weird just because no one was there to laugh with you
    a few days ago I laughed in the tram. a minute later, everybody was laughing. :)

  • Combined these two comments together, I should start a mission of street dancing that goes viral. Wait, I did that though on parties. If I had a drink each time I pulled the crowd to dance, my liver would be happily destroyed. Time to bring that on the street.

  • If it helps, I laughed when reading your post :D No, not at you, at the situation. And I like laughing!
    And I have some example to tell, as well. Sometimes when I'm using the public transport I just block out the outside and think about stories. For example, my current WIP. Or a story I read and I'm thinking over what-if scenarios, etc. And sometimes, I have so much fun, a grin break out on my face before I can realize. When I do realize (right away I feel it or several minutes later), even if I get it under control, I just can't help it, I have to fight it the whole way home.
    While people look at me weirdly. Then yeah, I imagine what would they do if I laughed out loud, then it's just that harder to stop xDD Devilist circle! :D
    PS.: laughing is good for your health! ;)

  • i like laughing and singing @ public spaces! don't even consider rare weirdos considered normal by other weirdos if they gimme some strange looks.
    yeah, sometimes even dancing while singing and i think it cheers some passengers up:)
    i'd say that the biggest problem are those who look at the floor while passing by, or show some kind of anger and despair in their eyes…

  • Arvael, public transport is the worst. On the street one has a chance of getting away quickly, in the bus we're stuck with all that people and the urge to laugh. And they have nothing better to do than to look around. 

  • mshl 

    rare weirdos considered normal by other weirdos

    LOL Yup, that description covers it. 

  • I think the world would be a much more pleasant place when everyone just laughed when they felt like it. Laughing is healthy indeed.
    I feel a bit more uncomfortable when I see my husband coming home and having whole conversations on his own – aloud *rolls eyes* But even that is quite harmless if you think about it.

  • It is harmless. During my school years they caught me talking to computer and myself while programming. Quite an effort to stop that :)

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