The Truth About The HOPA Girl That Quit Her Job On Dry Erase Board

Yesterday, the web was buzzing about a girl that quit her job by sending email with 33 photos of herself and dry erase board to her entire office. Go see them if you haven't already, then come back so we can talk.

Today, The Chive posted a follow up with more photos, telling that they have discovered the girl's identity, that her name is not Jenny and that the story was a hoax. They've made it all up. 

Question is, does it really matter?

It shouldn't. It's just a story of a girl quiting her job at the company we never heard of. A story. Quite possible story. So it really doesn't matter if it actually happened or not. It's still a good story. 

Imagine that somebody wrote a fictional story (so you know it's a fiction from the start), about a girl that quit her job by sending emails to her office, saying all the things that Jenny said. It would be a good story. It would entertain you. Maybe even inspire you. 

So why are we craving for the "truth"? Or maybe the better word is reality? As in reality show. 

HOPA girl with dry erase boardphoto from The Chive

Sure, in this case (as in many others) we were tricked and lied to. And finding that out is not a nice feeling. But it's not about being lied to, is it?

Thing is that we tend to believe anything we get from the media. I don't need to tell you how silly that is. It's not necessarily the truth just because it was on the TV, let alone on the web. Yeah, we all know there are people out there believing every word that comes from the TV. They are making this world as bad as it is. But the fact is, we all tend to believe what we'd like to be truth. 

And we like when somebody tells the boss all the nasty things we all think of. We like when somebody breaks free from the shitty job. Especially if it's done in a funny way Jenny did. Looking good is an addition that brings the case in the top news. 

Maybe the bad feeling comes from the disappointment that hot chicks don't quit their jobs by slamming the nasty truth to boss's bad breath mouth in front of the entire office. But they do. If you don't hold the hot chick part as essential, I've seen it (and did it) more than once. It happens in the real world. It just don't get retweeted 31K times.

That's why we have stories about it. Fictional stories, that is. Because, so many times, fiction shows us the truth much better than the reality does. Jenny is a heroine. And we still have to keep aware about what we read and believe. 

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  • Thanks for that, Dandellion. It would have been cool if it was real. I know people do this all the time but the fact that it was a hoax makes it not rest easily. If we had known it was a hoax, that would have been different, people appreciate others being creative.


  • Next time I'm quiting, I'll record every second of it. Promise!

  • Very well said.  I have often said that any "lie" that holds everyone harmless is just good fiction, and often wondered, after the fact what the difference was between memory, a dream, or a made up story.  The bottom line is that, at the end of the day, after whatever fall out might come from them, they are the same… a thought that lives in your head that you can reflect and emote upon… The same applies to a good piece of fiction, including this one :)
    I understand no one wants to be duped, and feels "bad" when they realize they have been had.  It might have been better to have said this is fiction, however, often good fiction requires the audience to believe it is real to work.  I'd much rather be fooled once in a while and enjoy a good story, than never worry about being fooled… but lose that enjoyment.
    Glad to know its not just me :)

  • I'd much rather be fooled once in a while and enjoy a good story, than never worry about being fooled… but lose that enjoyment.

    Yeah, I completely agree. People are getting too serious about themselves. For their own bad. 

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