Let’s Change The World

If you take a look at the sidebar on the right, you’ll probably notice the list of categories. Two of them being important for this post: Grumbling in the Wind and Change the World. (update: categories and blog layout changed since then. But keep reading…)

I have a confession to make about these two.

When I was making the first steps of this blog, I knew that there will be ranting, hopefully nicely packaged and interesting to read, but still ranting. There is too many things in this world that rubs me the wrong way. And for a reason I’m not famous for keeping my mouth shut.

There were just two problems about all the future ranting on this blog. I had to find a way to balance it with other content, so I don’t end up as an angry old freak blaming the whole world for the state of the world. And, to find an appropriate name for the ranting category.

The other one was easier. As expected. A friend liked one of my first posts. And only thing I could answer was

Oh, I’m just grumbling into the wind.

I don’t have much illusions about the words I write. :) But it sounded good so it stuck on the sidebar.

But the first problem was still there. For weeks. It’s one of those that are so simple and with solution sitting on the tip of your nose, so close to your eyes that you can’t see it. Not until somebody points it to you. Then I had one of those moments when everything simply comes to it’s place and becomes clear.

The Worldphoto by foxspain

I stumbled across A Brief Guide to World Domination last night. And even before I read the manifesto I had my balance back. Of course I’ll keep some grumbling around. Some things in the world deserve a nice session of swearing. And I don’t intend to play all pure and well-mannered here. But there needs to be more. I need to offer some counter-action to all the bad things I rant about. Yeah, this sounds cheesy now, but you should have been in my head at the moment.

Don’t like the world? Well, conquer it and change it. Simple as that. Strategy? A wise man once said:

Be the change you want to see in the world.

And if the flapping of butterfly’s wings can cause a tornado on the opposite side of the planet, can one category change the world? Of course it can. Just watch me. Or even better, join me. Let’s change the world together.

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