Let's play a game, shall we? I'll tell you a story, nothing much, just a short description of something that happened. Then you'll tell me what is the story about. You'll assign some terms to it. Then we'll, hopefully, get some insights about the nature of science, religion and our communication. 

OK? Here it comes.

Imagine nothingness. Absolutely nothing. Pure emptiness. Negation of the existence. I know it's hard to do it properly, but try your best. 

Make your nothingness infinitely big. Endless. It's empty, so it can't have any borders, and borders would be something, right? I can't say that it stretches to infinity in all directions as there is nothing to stretch, but get that part about indefinite in all directions. 

Then, inside of that emptiness, imagine a spot. Just one spot it the endless empty space. Spot, tiny in diameter, but very massive. Everything that is, everything that exists is inside it. Tightly packed. All the matter and all the energy. In just one spot. And it's not a shiny spot in the big darkness. Light doesn't travel outside of it so it doesn't shine. It's invisible. You just know it's there. Imagine it that way. 

And then… BOOOM!

booomimage by Florian Cnudde

Flash of the light as the spot explodes and expands in all the ways. Huge wave of blinding light. Not slowly coming, but just turning everything into white. Light is very fast you know. It doesn't come slowly, it just shows up. And this one, all the light of the tiny but densely packed spot is now free. And it's rushing to fill all the infinite space you've imagined.

OK. What was the story about?

If you said Big Bang, well congratulations fellow scientist, you were right. It is the Big Bang, the birth of the Universe itself. Yeah, the initial event that happened 13.7 billions of years ago. 

If you said something about Ain, Ain Soph and Ain Soph Aour, well congratulations fellow kabbalist, you were right. It is the birth of the Universe when Nothingness turned into endlessness and then into the endless light. If you think that it happen some thousand years ago, well… bad news, it was billions rather than thousands. But you may take a pride in telling the world that story long before the others did. 

So, what was the idea behind this little experiment of mine? Well, nothing much I shall admit. I just wanted to show how two theories that collide every day are actually pretty much the same. In some aspects, that is. I don't want to draw any conclusions. And especially, I don't want to put one of the stories as more truthful than the other. 

Because, that's what they are: stories. And stories are not truthful per se. It's our ability to read them that puts sense into them. 

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