Blogging Addiction

Hi. My name is dandellion and I’m a blogoholic. Yes, I suffer from blogging addiction. Seriously. Now’s the moment when all of you say in silly cheesy voice: hiiii dandeeelliooooon.

When I started, three and a half years ago, I just wanted to give it a try, push my language a bit, get into the routine with writing, have some fun… well, to do that thing that all the cool kids on the web are doing. And it was all OK for a while. That is, until I started to get some traffic and comments. Then the hell broke loose. 

I became obsessed and addicted. Worst of all, it combined so nicely with some other addictions of mine, namely caffeine, nicotine and on-line communication.

The daily morning routine was:

  • Wake up and smile thinking about the incoming hit to the brain
  • On a way to the kitchen to put some coffee, poke a mouse so the computer awakes
  • Light a cigarette
  • Scan emails and the feed reader
  • Grab a mug of coffee
  • Scan the headlines searching for what can become a new post
  • Get some coca-cola
  • Feed the blogosphere, throw a comment or two
  • Get another cigarette because coffee and coca-cola are making me high and fast
  • Post idea strikes!
  • Type, type, type
  • Make some pics for the post
  • Shit! Coffee mug is empty. It must be gremlins stealing my beverage again.
  • Get dressed
  • One more coffee
  • Rewrite a bit
  • More coca-cola
  • Spellcheck
  • Sixth cigarette
  • Hit publish
  • Twit, twit, twit
  • Feed the blogosphere more, comment, comment, comment, promote, promote, promote
  • Check stats and subscriber count
  • Oh, there are first comments on the post
  • Coca-cola, cigarette
  • Answer the comments
  • Feeling a bit lightheaded
  • Couple of more comments
  • Couple of more twits
  • Seeing the bottom of coffee mug for the second time. Dammit!
  • I could take a shower
  • I should eat something, it’s damn afternoon

Blogging, coffee and cigarettesphoto by dandellion

The rest of the day would be easy. I wouldn’t check my stats and feed reader more that two or three times. Good thing is that the summer came and that I prefer swimming to combination of caffeine, nicotine and intensive communication. It probably saved me from burning my brain.

Now I know better. I can live without checking the stats and I don’t have the need to type as mad so I can publish a post as soon as possible. Also, I’m clean from coffee and coca-cola for more than a year. I can have them but they don’t make me crave for more, more, more.

But I do have a need to write. And there is a terrible sense of emptiness between hitting publish and the first comment. Writing induces some feeling of light pleasure. And, like any addiction, one hit makes me crave for more.

OK, now’s the part when some of you says: thank you dandellion, for sharing your story with us. 

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  • Ending the terrible sense of emptiness ;)
    Oh, and I smoke the same blue Drum…nice touch :)

  • Hahaha thanks. 
    Yeah, I'm on blue Drum lately. I used to go with dark tobaccos but they are really nasty. 

  • please don't try to curb your writing obsession ;)

  • I won’t. Just gotta find a way to expand it a bit into some non-blogging direction.
    Thanks for the support.

  • I can't relate to the tobacco nor the coca-cola, but the rest… o my…
    I also had  "to do that thing that all the cool kids on the web are doing". I actually think there's even an important step before starting a blog, and that is commenting on blogs that you read,  feel the thrill when others are commenting on your comment and so on. Sooner or later there comes the moment that a thread of comments is no longer the right place to share your thoughts: you want your own blog!!
    It takes just a few clicks of your mouse to start one, but a lot more to get it established. But IF you manage to do that – which is very likely when you've gone through the first step that I described above – it's so rewarding and indeed addictive.
    I started my Second Life related blog almost 3 years ago and am still amazed when occasionally I discover that people whom I actually don't know have followed me for quite a while. It's a boost for the ego (and I can use that once in a while) to know that you are being read.
    When I started my own business 2 years ago it didn't take long: I needed a professional blog as well. Not just to promote my stuff, but mainly because I like to share my opinion about anything that directly or indirectly is related with my profession. Admittedly that blog has not much traffic, but I simply like to empty my thoughts on the screen.
    Currently I'm facing the next step. Occasionally I catch myself thinking about something that I would like to write, but doesn't fit on either of my blogs. Do I need another one? A random private thoughts blog? Is this a sign of addiction perhaps?
    For the time being I've decided not to start another blog. Instead I will collect these "loose thoughts" in a notebook. Maybe they will rest there forever, maybe they will ever find their way to other readers. I don't know yet. Time will tell.

  • Yeah, commenting around is like pushing into drugs :) You try a bit just to see that you might like it, then you try some more… and before you know you're quite a lot into it. 
    I'm glad to hear that you write "loose thoughts" as well. I love your writing, so I'll hope that they will end up as a book or something. 
    I'm surprised your professional blog doesn't get traffic. Those are usually easy to promote. Or were you been lazy to network around?

  • You said it: I've been too lazy indeed :D
    I only automatically forward it to my Hyves and LinkedIn profiles and occasionally mention it in my newsletter. It's probably because I'm still experimenting with the format: whether write particularly for potential clients or write for fun, or both.

  • Truth is probably somewhere in between. I'm starting a professional blog these days. How about we meet for a chit chat (I haven't been on the grid for ages) and exchange thoughts?

  • I'd love to :) Just give me a call when is convenient for you. I usually can be online between 9 and 12 in the evening (CET)

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