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Will Big Business Legalize Marijuana?

If you have a slightest knowledge of what I usually talk, you probably wouldn’t bet that I am in any way skeptical about legalization of marijuana. But I am.

Not for any of the usual reasons, those used by people that still live in the days of Reefer Madness. No, marijuana is a nice plant with many benefits for the body and the mind if used properly. The problem is not there.

Problem is what will happen when it gets legalized.  Continue reading Will Big Business Legalize Marijuana?

Join The Black March!

Remember when we recently made that huge roar all over the Internet and repelled the SOPA proposition? Sure you do. We won the battle, but we surely haven't won the war. Yet. 

So, it is the time for the next round. And this one's gonna be really fun. Codename: Operation Black MarchContinue reading Join The Black March!

Be A Pirate!

Over and over we hear how piracy is stealing from the artists and how it's damaging the recording and publishing industry and how art and entertainment will disappear if we continue with file-sharing. Bullshit. 

Because no artist will starve because of piracy. Ever! Continue reading Be A Pirate!

#SOPA Blackout And Social Myopia

You'd think we filled every ear and every eyeball on the Internet with the SOPA story.

But no. Today Wikipedia went black and you see tons of reactions of how Wikipedia is deleted for good, screams about due projects and homeworks and fuckoffs to Obama and Wikipedia itself. Not to mentions 140 character expressions of utter stupidity.  Continue reading #SOPA Blackout And Social Myopia

How Do Prayers And Rituals Work

This story begins with a prayer. A rather unconventional one. To a rather unconventional deity:

Asphaulta, Asphaulta, goddess of grace, please will you grant me a parking space?


Continue reading How Do Prayers And Rituals Work

How BitCoin Works

In the previous post I made an introduction to BitCoin, a new digital currency, independent from governments, banks and corporations – maintained by its users. The post was mainly about the good aspects of such an experiment. 

Now it is time to see how BitCoin actually works and what can be done with it. Continue reading How BitCoin Works

BitCoin – Digital Money For What It’s Worth

I was aware of the BitCoin, the digital money, for a while now. But that was it. I read the wikis and browsed the web but, for the life of me, couldn't get a grip on the concept. Sure, independent digital currency that works over P2P network sounded great, but that was all I could tell. 

Now, after the mind-fermentation process took place, I can share some basic and easy-to-digest info about BitCoin.  Continue reading BitCoin – Digital Money For What It’s Worth